Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A celebration of my beautiful boy and an opportunity to share it ....

Hello all and sorry I have been a little bit slack in keeping the blog up to date.

I have had a whirlwind of a few weeks which I will write about very soon but in the meantime, I found out that a wonderful charity and support service is using one of my writing pieces during their gala dinner/ball coming up soon.  I am of course honoured and would like to take the opportunity to thank the Autism and Advisory Support Service for supporting me in many ways over the last few months and especially by supporting me and my writing work.

The piece they are using and reading out during their Ball is a poem I wrote for my son on his birthday last year and it is with great pleasure that I include it in tonight's blog for the parents of special kids like mine to enjoy.  It was first published in Sharisa Joy's Voices and Choices of Autism online magazine (of which I am a regular contributor and on the panel of advisers) .  See links and copyright info below and please take the time to enjoy the poem.  It is not technically perfect or even good from a writer's perspective but boy oh boy it is written from my heart.  

Happy birthday to my son

In only four days
We will clap and we’ll sing
To honour your life
And the joy that you bring.

I cannot believe it
Time. Where has it gone?
As I write this
I’m watching you play in the sun.

Not so long back I birthed you
And hard did I fall.
I fell so in love
You were my, everything, my all.

We’ve bonded the way
Of the movies and books
We cuddle and kiss and we
Share special looks.

Why special they ask?
It’s the same for all mothers?
Not this one I assure
No I’m not like the others.

The ride we’ve been on
And shared ups and downs
This last year tumultuous
In a spin round and round

The ups oh so high
And the lows, so bereft
So sad was this Mummy
When I thought you had left.

Your eyes lost their way
Could not find the old light
But your heart and your strength
Fought so hard and with might.

I heard not my name
In your world it was lost
How could I find it?
Any bridge I would cross.

The bridge we did find
You invited me back
And I fought alongside you
And we found our own track.

Our own special way
No not like the others
A Mummy and Daddy
And 2 special brothers.

We know you are happy
Your world it’s so safe
Your spectrum of love
What a wonderful place.

I love that you visit
My “typical” place
And find such unwavering
Light and love in my face.

Our eyes are together
You look and you smile
So honoured and grateful
You stay for a while.

For granted I take
Nothing, no not a thing.
I savour each word and look
My heart full when you sing.

I’m not like the others
You taught me much more
Would I have learned no conditions?
Without your lessons, I’m not sure.

The joy you have taught
Where I thought there was none
The warmth and the love
And our laughs and the fun.

I’m not like the others
That know, not the pain
We’re different my son
No we’re not the same.

This hurt me at first
But not anymore son
If love could be ordered
You would still be the one.

The one I would order
No change would I make
My heart chooses you
If not you, it would break.

Our journey unique
No, we’re not like the others.
Please know though I’m happy
And don’t envy another.

The gift that you are
And continue to be
Is more than I asked
Yet you gave it to me.

Your birthday so close
These words a small gift
In exchange for your strength
And your love makes me lift.

I am better because
you were born my dear boy
You raised up my soul
You are my light and my joy.

Happy Birthday J. I love you. Thank you for making me a better mother to you and your brother and thank you for making me a better person.

You continue to amaze me every day.

I love you, I love H and I love your Daddy.  What a lucky family we are to have each other.

Direct link to magazine:

With the very kind permission of the publisher I am able to share this piece.

Volume 1, Issue 5 October, 2009
Sharisa Joy Kochmeister, Publisher and Managing Editor
Jay Kochmeister, Copy Editor
Copyright 2009: All rights are reserved under copyright laws. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form - including written, mechanical or electronic means such as information storage and retrieval systems, without the express written consent of the publisher.

This magazine is a great read for anyone who is living with or affected by Autism. I am a proud regular writer for the publication and have recently been appointed to the panel of advisers which is a huge honour.

For further information about how to subscribe to the magazine or join Sharisa's Yahoo group please contact her or Jan Kochmeister here on Facebook. Subscription is free.

Link to Facebook fan page below:

Chantelle is a proud and happy mum to J and H and wife of Andrew. J lives on a quirky, colourful and unique spectrum which is more commonly known as living with Autism. Chantelle is passionate about raising awareness, volunteers with various Autism Services (NSW, Australia) and is the Vice President of The Autism and Aspergers Support Group Inc (NSW, Australia Hawkesbury region). Chantelle is also the creator of My Special Story – Special Story Books for Special Kids, a writer, an advocate and friend of Sharisa Joy Kochmeister and all those living with Autism.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    I just love it. Pure and simple.

  2. Wow, straight from the heart (now why can I hear BonJovi? Only you could do that to me) and I LOVE that you're in my life now.

    YOU, Chantelle have taught ME so much and I just want to say I think you ROCK! Love Sunny x