Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Share and share alike.

Hey there!

A quick pop in today to share a friend's blog space that I just LOVE!  I've connected with an amazing special education teacher who is an author, a blogger, a university lecturer to undergraduate teachers who are learning how to include children with special needs.  Oh....  and an AWESOME advocate for children with Autism.  If Amanda Gray and her Learn to be Buddies series is not already on your radar, please pop over and see what you think.

This month Amanda is doing her bit to raise awareness for our kids by posting the stories of parents and our special moments with our little spectrumites.

Not surprisingly, I jumped at the offer to participate and have shared two of my stories so I'm now putting all of my best behaviour actions and lessons into practice and inviting someone else to take a turn. There is a link at the end of my story to find out how YOU can share your own story.  Please consider doing so.  You can remain anonymous if you wish. 

Have a look and share Amanda's project via your networks and don't forget to come back and tell me if you liked the stories I shared (the Easter Parade one is familiar to regular readers over here but it's too good not to tell twice and it still lights up my face, my heart and my life to recollect it).  I've shared a special moment about my beautiful H bunny too and even provided a video to watch about what Autism looks like to my family.  (Amanda posted it for me as I am not skilled enough in such technicalities to attempt it here....  still learning as are we all).....

I sincerely hope you enjoy the visit to Amanda's blog and of course invite each and every one of you back over here anytime.  I like having you all come and visit me on my journey.

Please visit Amanda Gray's Learn to be Buddies Blog here.


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