Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mothers Day Gift with love from Chantelle. xoxo

It's coming up to Mother's Day.  How do I thank the beautiful souls I have been privileged enough to meet in this world who have walked along side me and propped me up on many days when I really really really needed a hand?

I've said before that this is not the life I expected.  However.  Unexpected is not terrible, it's just different.  On the days when difference is is at it's most difficult I have been truly blessed to know some remarkable women also on this special needs "mothership."

I have very little money, I have not much to give...  I do have words though.  Words are always what I fall back on and the expressing of them through my writing is my outlet, my salve on a gaping wound that is sometimes hurting my heart...  I find them therapuetic and soothing.  I read kind or wise words and am instantly soothed and I write often which helps me stay focused and sort out what my feelings are telling me.

I thought I would gift some words to my fellow special mums (and the other mums too who stand with us in support).  These words are not too sophisticated.  In fact they are as simple as they get.  They would definitely not win a literary prize and my literature professors at universtiy would be aghast! 

They are from my heart though and I hope all the amazing women who I lean on enjoy my gift to celebrate our friendship on this journey.

For Every Mum:

For every Mum
Who’s lifted my soul
Who’s held my heart
When not quite whole

When in broken
Pieces, torn in two
You’ve all reached out
And I thank you

Some days so hard
But others light
My special mums
In our shared plight

For the mums who know
The Holland poem
That bought the tulips
In our unique home

For the mums who cry
Who laugh and share
And the mums who cheer
with you and care

For the Mums with love
In their arms out wide
Who share the steps
So tiny with pride

For the mums standing tall
That brace to fight
With courage and strength
With anger and might

For the mums who balk
That chosen is true
For our membership in
Our unchosen crew

No choice did we have
But the love is our choice
And strong is our love
And in unity our voice

The mothers who lift
The mothers who sob
We accept in our day
To strive is our job

Yes we strive every day
The future in thoughts
We lean on each other
Our own strong supports

For the mums in our club
First with a hand
On days you are crashing
And need help to land

For the mums in our life
But not in our boat
And hand us an oar
To keep us afloat

Those friends with the oars
Are scarce on the ground
So we thank those ones too
They are a true gift when found.

For the mums on their own
On these stormy rough seas
With strength that would bring
Most to their knees

For all of my friends
And all the above
You ease my own load
With your friendship and love

I thank each and every one of you.  Happy Mothers Day. 

With love from Chantelle xo

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  1. That is a gorgeous poem and photo. Happy Mothers Day to you:) Jen.