Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A tale of two brothers, oh and two mothers.....

So I was supposed to tell you all about the story of Brody and his Mum, Vicki who is my beautiful friend....  (previous blog) I was on the countdown until Brody's bone marrow transplant which is tomorrow.  I have to be honest.  I've found it really hard to write about what Vicki might be feeling.  I've avoided the blog as I've not had the right words.  Yes, it's true, I've been short on words.  Not often that happens but when dealng with matters as serious as Brody's situation, trust, me.  Words are hard to find.

What I can report is that along with a bit of writers bock I've also had dramas in my world.  J had a wonderful game of shared attention, reciprocal play and imagination with a friend from preschool yesterday.  Oh how wonderful indeed!  Until he wound up in the emergency room!  Yes, a game of chasey wet pear shaped and J ht a pole at full pelt leaving him with a head injury worthy of 5 hours in the local hospital emergency room under observation.

I watched my beautiful boy in awe as he took his hospital visit in his stride and in absolute and complete honesty he could not be picked out as any different to any other kid waiting his turn (albeit impatiently, as they all were).

My J, so hungry but not allowed to eat until he had been examined by a doctor, desperate for chips from the chip machine "stalking" the patrons who placed their $2 in the machine and chose their chips...  "What do you like in there?" he asked everyone.  "Oh look, here come your chips!" He exclaimed as they made the journey through the machine to the hungry customer's hand and J looking on in envy but no meltdown in sight to the surprise and complete delight to me who sat silently watching with no need to step in and "save" him or "explain" him.  Oh sure, he was a bit too close to people and talked a bit too much and a bit too loud but he waited.  He waited for FIVE hours and he followed instruction and he didn't meltdown.  Not once.  So proud I was of my baby who's come such a long way.

The doctor saw him eventually and agreed he had a BAD bump on his head and needed to be watched for signs of concussion but we could watch him at home.  (He's fine now).  So we were allowed to go and our scare for J's health and wellbeing was over for now.

We are so lucky and we know it.

So to go back to my friend's Vicki, Brody and Luke.  They are not so lucky.  They are not sitting in an emergency room but they are, indeed sitting in a hospital.  In isolation.  Tomorrow Luke is donating his bone marrow to Brody.

My son gets to play in the yard with sticks, cars and jump on the trampolene and Brody will be receiving bone marrow into his little body.  Brody who is autistic and tricky and has trouble understanding what on earth is going on around him, just like my boys do is receiving his brother's life saving gift.

I watch on in joy as my two boys share their toys with the structured help of therapists and early intervention and Vicki watches on as HER boys share life.  At least we all hope it's life.

Brody has always been life personified when I've seen him.  He is a happy, energetic and light filled little soul who, just like his mum, makes you want to hug him within moments of meeting him.  Brody has a room filling smile and an infectious laugh and he demands, "Pizza on Tuesdays" whenever you see him.  Brody is brave.

My hospital experience with my boy was scary and unpleasant but my hospital experience was what every parent wishes for in the long run....... I got to take my healthy boy home.

Will Vicki afford the same luxury?

YES!  Lift her up, think of her and get this boy over the line.

I have no say in the outcome.  None of us do.  But lets all hope and join together for Vicki and her boys.

Tomorrow I'll give you an update and I might tell you some of those stories I promised in the previous blog.  I have a feeling my wirters block will be lifted when tomorrow is all said and done.

Here's their links if you want to learn more: Brody's blog, Brody's facebook page

****Post Post note......  FANTASTIC NEWS!  Brody is in remission.  Vicki received the best Christmas present in the world with that news.  Oh and the playdate we dreamed of and the afternoon BBQ with us mums enjoying a wine.....  We are doing that VERY soon.  Dreams can come true.

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