Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrate Good Times C'mon!!!

So..................  How is the tiny squashy classroom going that my five year old had meltdowns during big school orientation upon approach about (see last blog post)? 

How is big school going?

Pretty awesome actually.  I LOVE being wrong.  That may come as a shock but truly, I LOVE it.  Is everything perfect?  Absolutely not, no way and it never is but is it going well?  YES YES YES!

After some initial teething problems and the odd issue cropping up here and there, I can confidently report that my little guy is doing super duper flipping brilliantly.

May I brag a little?  Oh go on then.....  ;-)

In J's class he is part of a specialist ASD class located in a host mainstream school.  The ASD kids get access to integration programs and my guy is completing all of his school work and homework beautifully (yes, I am serious.....  Kindergarteners now have homework.  Cripes).

He looks forward to school (most days) and happily skips into the gate shouting hello to his teacher and teacher's aide and usually has something he's decided they simply MUST know about IMMEDIATELY that he's bursting to tell them.

He does news each Monday, joins the mainstream for sport, P.E, music, assembly, library and playground time everyday.  He has friends in his class and he has mainstream friends from his preschool he is still connected with.  It really is the best of both worlds for now and I am pleased with my decision to approach school this way for now.  Whoop!

Amidst the big school dramas and commotion another milestone was happening quietly and without fuss.  That sums up the way most of these particular milestones are achieved......  H.  My beautiful, big brown eyed curly headed monster, aged three whole years now started preschool.

It wasn't stressful nor was it painful.  I knew he'd be ok as he is going to the preschool Jackson attended and simply could NOT be in better hands.  Team J has just transferred over to team H now and he couldn't be happier either.

I didn't shed any tears the day Hunter started preschool.  Nor did he.  He confidently walked into the class, hugged the teachers, asked when he could eat his lunch and told me, "You go now Mum, it's time you go."

I must admit the old faithful tears are threatening a little bit now as I recall that day though as I often don't get time to really celebrate or commiserate H's "stuff" in the thick of J's rather more intense transition issues.  Perhaps my tears of joy and sadness for all of H's big days will come later and more quietly than the tears of J's big days.  Perhaps it's just that because I have walked the path of all the big days already with an older child the tears are not coming from a place of as much worry and despair as I trust in my decisions a second time around.

Whatever the reason, there is no less pride, no less love and no less fun for my little H bunny who is growing up way too fast and a wee bit "naughty" (but just always gets away with it somehow...).  So charming.....  So pretty....  Out of this world pretty really and that's how he gets away with being a little cheeky.  One look at his eyes and you are gone.  They are more powerful than Jedi mind tricks.  Those big brown pools of utter beauty get you in.  I digress but it's hard not to once on the topic of those eyes.....

I reported in a previous post that all I wanted for J on his first day of preschool was that he make a friend....  Both boys have made friends and both are happy.

So the goals of making friends are well on the way.  We can start to look further afield to celebrate the "normal" goals and those that "normal" families celebrate.....  Ok then, I can report on those type of firsts too proudly:

J has independantly bought an apple juice at the school canteen and counted the right amount of money to hand over (we have the apple juice still unopened in our fridge as it's way too special to open apparently so clearly he "gets" what an achievement this is).

H delivered news today at preschool for the very first time, showing his friends his Toy Story Jessie and Bullseye toys with confidence.

Small achievements?

Not to us.

As this title says.....  Celebrate good times, C'mon!  I am humming the tune and having a little dance of joy that I really have nothing but smiles, light and love to report from our end of the world at the moment.  We are still not rich (or even comfortable really financially speaking), we are still not "normal" (and what the flip is normal anyway?) and we are still not doing anything the easy way.....

What we are though at the moment is very very happy.

Reason to celebrate in my book.

This is only a snippet of the great stuff in our world at the moment.  Stay tuned for tales of first guitar lessons, signing up for team sports, my latest ASD community based project and much more.

Isn't it wonderful to have soooo much good news to tell that I can't fit it in one post?


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  1. Made me tear up just a little. Love those little men, and their freaking awesome mummy xxxx