Friday, April 15, 2011

I have a dream.... A Sunsuper Dream!

Hi Bloggers....

A little note which asks you all a favour....  Scroll down after reading my note and see why I'm asking the favour.....

Hoping you can help me out and in doing so you will also greatly help my VERY FAVOURITE charity in the whole wide world, The Autism & Aspergers Support Group Inc out.

I entered this dream for a better world on Sunsuper Dreams! You can check it out and help make it come true by voting for it here: - The dream with the most votes at the end of the month will be awarded a $5000 grant.  It’s quick AND free to vote. After you vote, can you please also check your inbox for a verification email (might go to junk)?  If you don’t verify the vote, it won’t count.

Where will the money go?

The Autism & Aspergers Support Group Inc recently acquired centre space at The Stewart Street Centre in South Windsor which will assist Hawkesbury families seeking support for ASD related issues at all stages of their journey.

AASG is developing a social & therapy program to be run at the centre.  Local school aged children who are no longer eligible for early intervention funding will be able to apply for our program and receive access to social support & intervention.

$5000 will go towards buying equipment to assist with therapy for participants of our program and provide therapists & tutors.  The program aims to increase children's progress/success in both the academic and social areas that school requires but is so difficult for children with ASD without ongoing support.

Please get voting to improve the lives of children with Autism and don’t forget to watch the video attached to the entry.  Beautiful music... Beautiful kids.


Many thanks,

Chantelle.  xo

PS:  Please feel free to not only vote but to share throughout your own networks and really give AASG a boost towards helping our gorgeous kids.  J

My Entry for Sunsuper Dreams or "My Dream" if you prefer:

When people think of autism, they think of isolation. Social isolation is a real issue for families living with autism which included mine until.... We connected with The Autism & Aspergers Support Group Inc. My dream is that all families who are members of the Autism & Aspergers Support Group Inc can enjoy improved services and connection opportunities to break through the barrier of social isolation.

My dream is that the children from those families, including mine will NOT be forgotten when current early intervention federal funding provided through the “helping children with autism package” runs out at age 7.

I dream that the families who are currently desperate with worry about what will happen when their child turns 8, 9, 10 and right through up until adulthood will have hope. I dream that hope comes in the form of specialised school aged services for the children who have come so far (again, including mine) but need further help to reach their full potential. Hope can be turned into real promise for a child who is supported at all stages of their journey. I dream that children with limited social opportunities due to ASD will have opportunities to make real connections. Connections of meaning that make our kids smile. Really smile. Connection with friends means that our beautiful kids currently struggling with the confusing world are far less likely to experience the agony of bullying and loneliness. I dream children with ASD can live free to be who they are.

I dream that people with autism and their families have the same opportunities to experience the uplifting feeling of having real friends, real connections that everyone else enjoys. I dream that all the families AASG currently supports really will see our motto of “building understanding, awareness and connections through community” come true.


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