Monday, April 2, 2012


Autism Gratitude Project 2012 Day 2 - HAPPY WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! 

I am grateful for my beautiful boys, J and H. Today on this special day which celebrates them in all of their wonderful quirkiness and delightful difference AND also on every other day of their lives, I am beyond grateful for them. My dream was to have children. To become a Mum. My dream came true twice. Simple. I am fulfilled, proud, amazed, joyful, overwhelmed, awe struck, drunk with love, fiercely protective, unafraid to FIGHT, unapologetic in my drive to beat a path of AWESOME for their lives and ALL LIT UP BLUE inside and out in gratitude for J and H. They complete me and make me better than I could have ever dreamed of being. In short. I love them to the moon and back, past the stars, through the whole universe and over the great blue yonder beyond any limits. My love is limitless and so are their lives now and forever. SO VERY VERY GRATEFUL. xoxoxoxoxo

♥ Chantelle

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